• 18 Jun, 2024

Biden is no different than Trump

He lies like him and abdicates his duty like him.

Andrew Mitrovica
Al Jazeera columnist

Joe Biden is a liar and a liar. This opening line is meant to bite. Above all, it aims to dispel the hilarious caricature that the current US president is the antidote to his predecessor, Donald Trump, in character, character and temperament. In a speech late last week, Biden tried to tell a big lie that was the exact opposite of Trump, marking the beginning of a so far sleepless re-election campaign.

A well-worn op-ed in The Guardian of Biden praised him for "taking the gloves off" for the "passionate" defeat of the Republican presidential candidate last November. "Biden has divided his predecessor, Donald Trump, like never before. It was full of anger, scorn, and contempt,” wrote a Guardian reporter positively. "If Biden wants to revive his 2024 re-election campaign, that might be enough."

Rather than a slap in the face of immediacy and sincerity, Biden's 33-minute monologue exposed the pandering, lies, and, frankly, double standards that define the media's coverage of the two disparate but seemingly contradictory candidates. until

When Trump "tears down" his opponents with "anger, scorn and contempt" and typical rudeness, he is usually portrayed as an authoritarian villain with only one drive: revenge, hostility and rage. And when Biden did the same, minus the profanity, he applauded "many" caring Democrats for ditching the old-fashioned garb, hailing it as a welcome departure from the "ancestral figures" who empowered people. "Benefit of the doubt".

So, like all rabid, "unrepentant" Republicans, most Democrats seem to like and like Mr. Hyde more than Dr. Hyde. Meet Jekyll in person. But Biden's framing of America's existential choice between democracy and dictatorship reeks of Trump-like hypocrisy and deceit.

"Today we come to answer the most important question: Is democracy still America's Holy Grail?" Biden asked. "Yes, it's not rhetorical, academic, or hypothetical."

If Biden's instructions were sincere, he or his representatives should have answered the following questions in a way that was not long-winded, rhetorical, academic, or hypothetical. Oh, I'm serious.

What kind of "democracy" encourages, allows, and condones the mass murder, yes genocide, of a captive population with no means of escape or escape from the "criminal rage" against so-called "democracy"? What kind of "democracy" protects and defends another so-called "democracy" when it imposes a siege that deprives millions of Palestinian citizens of food, water, medicine, and fuel and causes starvation and disease?

What "democracy" supplies arms and ammunition to another so-called "democracy", turning most of its densely populated areas into barren, uninhabitable Mars? What "democracy" would not accept the will of the majority of its citizens demanding that the President negotiate immediately and definitively to end this "criminal rampage"?

The answer confirms that America's illusory "democracy" is not a "sacred cause" but an ancient Jeju myth, irredeemably warped and corrupted. The low point of Biden's pious approach was Trump's caustic and hyperbolic accusation that, despite exhortations to him to "act" and "stop" the madness, Trump "has done nothing" to stop the insurgents from storming the Capitol. It was an accusation.

"The whole country watched in horror. "The whole world watched in disbelief and Trump did nothing," Biden said. "It was one of the worst derelictions of duty by a president in American history."

Mr. President, millions of enlightened Americans and much of the world have watched in "horror" and "disbelief" as you and your cowardly government have repeatedly called for action and an end to this criminal madness. Middle east. Instead, they fanned the flames and allowed the "criminal rampage" to continue until the end, even as thousands of children were killed, maimed, orphaned, injured, or buried under mountain ridges. Like a hip.

This is not simply "dereliction of duty". It is an affront to decency that shocks the conscience and criminalizes Trump's many crimes.

Biden's speech echoed language he used to accuse Trump of "creating and spreading a web of lies about the 2020 election." "He did it because he valued force over principle."

But Biden has created his own "web of lies" because he "values ​​power over principle."

Biden's lies are far more dangerous and damaging. He expressed his "concern" about the loss of life due to Israel's "unnecessary" bombings. Biden and corrupt corporations called on Israel to show "restraint." "Too many Palestinians have died. Too many people have been hurt in recent weeks. And we want to do everything we can to do them no harm," Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters in early November.

It's a bit silly, minister. American surrogates know that they are either ignoring Biden's carefully researched doubts or trying to give the public the impression that the self-described "Zionist" American president is "concerned" if not personally concerned about the death toll. Palestinian-disabled hell happens every day.

Biden's ambiguous diplomatic tango involves trading on the well-known lie that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cronies want to stop all the ugly war crimes of removing Palestinians from Gaza so fanatical Israeli settlers can steal their homes and more. "Let Flowers Bloom in the Desert" Terrain. It's not heaven. Biden is "committed" to a "two-state solution." Meanwhile, Netanyahu is busy making sure that a "two-state solution" will never exist by literally wiping one of the proposed "states" off the map.

Between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, there is no "sunlight" for Israel to exercise its "right to self-defense" as it wants, where it wants, and as much as it wants. Any liberal or progressive of any group who says otherwise is a liar.

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