• 14 Jul, 2024

"I have no plans to leave," stated Biden.

"I have no plans to leave," stated Biden.

The US president raised his voice at MSNBC’s hosts when they inquired about suspending his campaign.

US President Joe Biden has affirmed his commitment to continue his reelection campaign, telling MSNBC that he is determined to stay in the race, despite widespread concerns about his mental acuity, asserting he is “the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump.”

In a conversation with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Monday, Biden reiterated his resolve to secure a second term in office and challenged any opponents to contest him at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Responding to Brzezinski's mention of various liberal news organizations and pundits advocating for him to step down, Biden dismissed them as part of an "elite" conspiracy aiming to sideline him from the race.

"I’m not concerned with the opinions of those influential figures," Biden remarked firmly. “The average American voter stands with me. Remember the talk about lacking support from the Black community? Come on, let’s move forward together! Watch me,” he added passionately.

“I’m not just the frontrunner; I will be the Democratic nominee,” he declared.

While the Democratic Party backed Biden during the symbolic primary season this year, his future has been cast into doubt following a contentious debate performance against former President Donald Trump last month. Biden struggled during the debate, appearing confused and grappling with speech issues.

Calls from Democratic donors and pundits have urged Biden to suspend his campaign, with some formerly supportive media outlets even suggesting his resignation from the presidency. Reports suggest senior party members are preparing to advocate for his replacement with a more coherent candidate.

Biden's comments to MSNBC echo those he conveyed in a letter to Democratic members of Congress on Monday, reiterating his belief that he is the most capable candidate to challenge Trump in 2024.

However, during the interview with Scarborough and Brzezinski, Biden occasionally wandered off-topic and could be heard shuffling papers. When asked about concerns regarding his health and cognitive abilities, Biden reiterated his previous explanation of having had a cold or possible infection during the debate.

A recent poll indicated that 72% of registered voters doubt Biden’s mental and cognitive fitness for the presidency, with one in three Democrats believing he should not seek reelection at age 81.