• 22 Apr, 2024

Thousands of Israeli protesters have called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign over his handling of the war in Gaza and his failure to secure the release of prisoners remaining in the Palestinian territories.

Anti-regime protests took place on Saturday night in front of the Israeli military headquarters in Tel Aviv and Prime Minister Netanyahu's residence in Caesarea. The protesters demanded immediate elections and the release of all Israeli prisoners through a deal with the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

They held banners reading "Elections now," "Diplomatic agreement," "Mothers' cry: Withdraw our soldiers from Gaza now," and "Israel will not survive (Netanyahu) unless we topple him (Netanyahu)."

On October 7, Israel began a war of attrition against the Gaza Strip after Hamas launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against the occupying group in retaliation for increasing atrocities against the Palestinian people. But nearly three months after the attack, the Tel Aviv regime has failed to achieve its goal of "destroying Hamas" and finding Israeli prisoners, despite killing 21,672 Palestinians and wounding 56,165, mostly women and children.

During a week-long humanitarian ceasefire in late November, 105 people held captive in the Gaza Strip were exchanged, including 240 Palestinians held in Israel, 81 Israelis, and 24 foreigners. Israel has about 129 arrests in Gaza, 7,000 Palestinians are in Israel prison and I think they are fined.

Netanyahu stressed that he has a "movement" to issue a new agreement for the release of the prisoners left at the press conference on Saturday night.

He also mentioned that the attacks on the attack were attacked for "a few months" and that they would have time to achieve their goals. \ ”

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General Zur Netanyahu, General Zur Netanyahu, said: "sacrifice" by "the love for the political needs and power".

"Netanyahu and his people are ethical, powerless, powerless, and" poison "in war. Israel: "We lost the October 7 war"

Another protester, Rotem Telem, said he joined the rally out of "desperation and fear" over the current situation.

“People on both sides are dying for no purpose. "I'm afraid they're going to say on October 7 that we're winning a war we lost," he said.

“We cannot win this war. You cannot change the paradigm through war. "The death of children is not political."

He also said that Netanyahu cannot make decisions based on the "welfare of Israel" because "living his own life is his narrow interest."

The Israeli regime prioritized "political ambitions".

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a press conference in the 1948-occupied territories on October 28, 2023. (Photo via social media)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a press conference in the 1948-occupied territories on October 28, 2023. (Photo via social media)

Protester Molly Manekar said the Israeli regime prioritized "political ambitions" and that the prisoner issue was not a top priority. He said "a ceasefire is needed" to free Israeli prisoners. "There is no other way."

Protesters in Caesarea chanted that Netanyahu must be "removed now" and held signs with blood stains and the words "Guilty".