• 14 Jul, 2024

Netanyahu dissolves the war cabinet

Netanyahu dissolves the war cabinet

The decision, which follows Gantz's resignation, will upset hardliners seeking to expand their influence in the Gaza conflict.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the end of Israel's six-member military alliance.

It was reported on Monday that the Israeli leader announced the decision at a political meeting with the security cabinet the previous evening. Netanyahu's right-wing allies have called for a new war cabinet after Benny Gantz stepped down from the center of the emergency government.

National Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir told Israel to create a new war cabinet that reflects the alliance, although they told allies including to the United States to stop, but they insisted that Israel continue to bomb Gaza. However, Netanyahu reportedly refused.

At Gantz's request, the cabinet reached a government agreement with Gantz. According to the Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu said Gantz was gone and the cabinet was no longer needed.

The Israeli Prime Minister is now expected to discuss the war in Gaza with a small group of ministers, including Defense Minister Yoav Galante and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Demer, who worked at in the cabinet of war.

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Gantz resigned from the government within months of the attacks on Gaza, taking power from a embattled leader who is the sole pillar of the far-right party he leads. Gantz said the failure of Netanyahu's government to create a post-war plan for the besieged and bombed Palestinian territories was an obstacle to a "real victory" as he called for elections. vote,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and the Prime Minister is under a lot of pressure to get something done. and Hamas. Organize the release of prisoners in Gaza.

However, the Israeli leader also faced pressure from his coalition partners.

According to Israeli media, Ben-Gevir sent a letter to Netanyahu last Thursday calling for the extension of the war cabinet.

The letter said that Israel's war has been "conducted in secret" for the past eight months by "constantly changing names and definitions in small meetings, all in full force to manage the decisions and avoid the discussion of the different areas that challenge the long. think .

A new official war cabinet led by Smotrich and Ben Gwire will also test relations with international partners, starting with the United States, which has asked Israeli forces not to attack the country in south of Rafah and increasing aid supplies. Meanwhile, Washington continues to provide weapons to Israel, with little indication that Netanyahu is preparing to withdraw troops from Gaza.

 Netanyahu said at his weekly cabinet meeting on Tuesday that "to achieve the goal of eliminating the forces of Hamas, he will take decisions that were not approved by the military."

The war cabinet consists of Netanyahu, Gantz, Galant, Dermer, Gadi Eisenkot and the leader of Shas Aye Deri. According to i24News, Netanyahu will continue to speak with Gallant, Dermer and Deri.

Although such an arrangement has no legal force, the prime minister can still ban Bengville and Smotrich from security discussions.

Syed Haider

Syed Haider