• 14 Jul, 2024

"War cannot solve problems," India's PM Modi tells Russia's Putin.

"War cannot solve problems," India's PM Modi tells Russia's Putin.

"The killing of children is unbearable," Modi says, following a deadly strike on a children's hospital in Ukraine.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed to Russian President Vladimir Putin that peace is paramount and that the Ukrainian crisis cannot be resolved through military means, during a televised meeting at the Kremlin. Putin, speaking earlier, hailed their countries' special strategic partnership and praised Modi's efforts towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

"As a friend, I have emphasized that peace is crucial for the future of our next generation," Modi stated in Hindi, alongside Putin. "The heart-wrenching pain of seeing innocent children killed is unbearable."

Modi's remarks followed a deadly attack on a children's hospital in Kyiv and a series of other lethal incidents in Ukraine, drawing criticism from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy over Modi's visit to Russia

During his visit, Modi aims to bolster energy and defense ties with Russia, a critical supplier of military equipment and oil to India. However, he faces the challenge of maintaining relations with Western powers skeptical of this partnership.

In economic terms, India and Russia have deepened ties, with trade nearing $65 billion in the 2023-24 fiscal year, largely driven by robust energy cooperation and potential new agreements, including in nuclear energy and oil supply.